Taking a summer dress and turning it to fall is something everybody can do. All I added were boots and a denim button up and ‘tada’, not a summer dress anymore.  I Hope this gives you some inspiration to how you could style your summer dresses this fall. I also took the denim top off so you could see what the dress was like before. I like it both ways but I really hope you like it. Feel free to comment with any advice or suggestions, good or bad! Thanks for stopping by :)

~  without denim top ~

Dress//Nasty Gal  Booties//Target   Necklace//Gift?   Earrings//American Eagle   Button up top//Target  Lips//Revlon
NOT NASTY IN A BAD WAY! Nasty as in awesome! I love shopping at nasty gal. It's like my secret place where I get things I know nobody else will have where I live. BUT when people ask me where I got my dress or top and I tell them Nasty Gal it doesn't always get the best reaction hahaah but I still love it. You should check it out. You'll see what I am saying for yourself. 

- CC

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