I don't know why I do not like to admit it but I absolutely LOVE Valentine's Day!!!! Everything about it is fun to me!! Here are some of my top reasons I love it:
1) I love going to the store and seeing men buying flowers!! I mean, how often do you see that???
2) I love going shopping and seeing all of the pink and red hearts and everything covered in chocolate and sparkles.
3) I love the excuse to have a humongous dessert with all kinds of cheesy decorations on it.
4) I love being able to say cheesy things and not feel creepy! hahahah
5) I love planning surprises!
6) I love wearing red and pink together when normally I wouldn't!
7) I love seeing people get engaged on social media!
8) I love getting dressed up and going to dinner!
9) I love it when my girls and I talk about what we are going to do for our men :D!
10) I love when my mom decorates the whole house in pink and red!
11) I love coloring my food pink and red! (waffles/pancakes and mashed potatoes)

I have been wearing pink and red ALL week long! I plan to continue it through the week after V-Day! What do you guys have planned for this weekend of love?

Jumpsuit: H&M (ON SALE)///Heels: Runway Couture, Mia///Earrings: Runway Couture (old)///Lips: Revlon - matte stick

I was so excited when I found this jumpsuit! I kept trying to find a cool top with the back out if it. All the ones I found were too revealing until now. It feels so good just to have it on. The wind was blowing it and the fabric is so light. The fit is really good you need to go buy it now :D

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