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          I have made a commitment to not let silly things get in the way of working out! To me, working out is not something that I dread but it is a lot of times the best part of my day. I go to a Brickhouse Cardio Club and we have a blast during every single workout. There are several different programs offered there and I do all of them as much as I can. Zumba, Les Mills Body Pump, Zumba Toning, Les Mills Combat, Hip-Hop Zumba, and Step. There is also Pound which is amazing but I don't get to do it a lot because it hurts my legs so much that I can't exercise the next day so I don't do it a lot. PiYo is one of my all time favorite workouts and I am sure you agree if you have done it before. I like to think of it as a mix of pilates and insanity. I did PiYo twice a week for about 2 months and I got so strong. I didn't realize how strong until I stopped doing it..........If you are in the swing of your workout, keep it up and take care of yourself!
Now is the time when the new years resolutions really get put to the test! So keep it up ;)

I am wearing the Polar A360 and I LOVE it! I track all my activity throughout the day, during workouts, and get phone notifications on my watch. (texts and calls) It is also completely waterproof and I have loved using it every day for over a month now. If you have any questions about it let me know, but Polar has always been my favorite type of exercise watch and it still is. :D

Top & Bottoms: Fabletics (Agon Pullover & Lexi Capri) /// Sneaks: Nike /// Backpack: ALDO

           How cute is this backpack?? I got it on major sale and it is sold out but I LOVE this one!
          I am now obsessed with Fabletics. They are at the top of my list and I cannot wait to see the new March collection that comes out Monday!!!! :D And plus, I love Kate Hudson! I mean she works out so much (its obvious lol) so who would be a better person to design workout gear??? I encourage you to buy one thing from Fabletics and if you don't like it, cancel.....BUT I know you will love it. Not only is it cute but when I work out in this outfit it is so comfortable. The sweatshirt is awesome too!! It really deflects wind really well for a sweatshirt! Enough about my opinions, I want to know if you find anything you might like to get or if you are already a Fabletics fan.....Check it out ---> Fabletics

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