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One of my girls (girls = BFFs) is getting married this year on the first week of June! EXCITED is an understatement for how I feel and I am so happy for her and her future hubs. She will be the first one in our group of friends to get married and I am just soaking in every moment of it with her. Below I have posted some of the fun we have had so far.
With wedding season comes many fun events up until the wedding and even after...
Engagement Photoshoots 
Wedding Shower
Dress Shopping
Bachelorette Partayyy
Rehearsal Dinner
Honeymoon (Tropical or Chilly)

      I like to imagine that engagement photos would be two photoshoots. I like to have one that is all outdoors and has a more laid back feel. (in a field of flowers at sunset or jean shorts and a white tee) Then I also picture a fancy photoshoot in the city with some silhouette photos and bright red lipstick. You know, glam it up a little. This is what I would want and what I think is fun for the couple but it really depends on who you are as a couple. One thing I know for sure is you want to be yourselves in the photos. Listen to your photographer about their ideas but also make sure you think about what shows your relationship the best :) This may sound silly to some people but pictures last a lifetime....For example, E and I are ALWAYS LAUGHING. If we were to get engaged, I would want to capture different pictures of us laughing and have fun. I would want dramatic pictures also but the bottom line is to just make sure you capture who you are :).....
     The man is easy to dress for a photoshoot. I always say a button up and jeans with nice shoes or a nice white t-shirt with black jeans and boots/sneaks. I have talked about how to flatter your body in pictures before but I will reiterate that again.


1. Accentuate the waist - Whatever you decide to wear, make sure that your waist is visible. Skater skirts with heels are great and even a dress that cuts in at the waist. You can also do slouchy but make sure that it hangs straight down and doesn't pucker forwards or in the back (like a flapper dress). For a more relaxed look, you could do high waisted jeans or regular jeans shorts with button up and wedges. 

2. Choose EFFORTLESS - don't go out and buy some crazy looking outfit for your engagement photos (unless you have a plan to do a fun pic like a white tulle skirt or your personality just fits funky). You want these pictures to be timeless. Bold colors and fluent textures are always gorgeous. Lace, denim, black, or a bold red is always a hit. If you are not sure about what to wear, go with black :D It will never fail you!

3. Put THOUGHT into it - Look on pinterest, think about what you like, plan your outfits, and let your photographer know about all of this! Send them pictures and describe things as much as you can. I am thinking of this from a photographer point of view so it may sound extreme! hahah You could even ask your hubs what he wants your to wear :)

Extra picture tip to last through every wedding event: Arms don't always photograph the way they look in real life. Either put your arm on your hip or bend it a little bit. It really helps if you are ever worried about your arms ;)

Wedding Shower - ALL WHITE! Mix in a part of your wedding shower theme!

Dress Shopping - Classy and cute (add a little fun to it like a sash or a "Bride" pin. Even a mini veil makes it fun)

Bachelorette Party - ALL WHITE & EDGEY

Rehearsal Dinner - White & Theme Matching

^ We all surprise the bride and wore pink :D This was after she said YES TO THE DRESS!

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