down to earth

I am normally all about the edgy pop of color kind of style but I really wanted to keep the ‘boho’ look while wearing this amazing dress with wide sleeves. All the tones in this outfit are so earthy and fall looking it is a fun departure from what I normally am drawn to. I know I have been somewhat dressed up in a lot of my posts lately but some casual looks will be coming soon!

Oh, almost forgot. The trees had been so beautiful and colorful lately and I was so excited to get some really good pictures of the rich colors of the leaves that flooded the hills. Weeeeellllll, the 30 miles per hour wind storm that rolled in decided that was not a good idea when I woke up one morning to the ground covered in leaves and not one yellow leaf could be spotted anywhere.(my favorite colors of leaves are bright orange and bright yellow) I was so sad. Nothing but grey empty trees. :(  But anyways, I guess I’ll just Google some good fall landscapes and look at those. I even had the perfect spot already picked out under the most beautiful tree…..ok…stopping now…

Dress: Mod-Cloth
Boots: Forever 21
Socks: Anne Klein
Earrings: AMI
I highly recommend these boots. Very comfortable and they look great in person. Good job Forever 21 becuase these dont look cheap at all and were worth every dime of that $40 :)

I appreciate every aspect of God's work. Yes, even the trees after all the leaves have gone..:)

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  1. Such a pretty dress! It looks so much like Missoni. I also love your hairdo! It's so romantic! I'd love to see a tutorial.

    1. Thanks so much! It does remind me a lot of Missoni and I am glad you like my hairdo also! I will work on getting a tutorial up on how to do it! Super easy! :)