Mondays are for a fresh start and a fresh addition to the closet ;)....

School started back today and I am going to look forward to what is ahead instead of dread every second just thinking about it. I have learned over the years that I HATE CHANGE. I get mad at myself for not liking change but I cannot help it. I just get so nervous when things change. I know it sounds silly but I was going to call this post “The Monday Blues,” but instead I picked something a little more positive and I am glad I did :)
       I am obsessed with this Zara jumpsuit and I want it so bad but it is pretty out of my price range haha. I try to show you things that are very on trend for a good price. I do not believe that you have to break the bank to look good. Some items are worth every penny of a splurge, but some aren’t. I am obsessed with all of these items and they are all at good prices.  I hope you find something you can like also :)
      Have you splurged on anything lately? Have you found something you loved for a great price lately? I would love to hear about your purchases :)

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