"Hey New York City"

I wore this sweatshirt to church last Sunday and it was comical. Apparently everyone forgot my name and decided to call me "New York City." lol ....
Not kidding like 5 people in a row! I found that wearing this sweatshirt actually rubs it in more that I haven't been to New York and only dream of going every night in my sleep. My Big Apple dreams always end up being the topic of conversation. Moral of the story: If you are afraid of running out of conversation, wear a shirt with a phrase on it.....lol

Top: Forever 21 (sold out sooo quick :( )/// Denim: American Eagle Outfitters/// Sandals: ALDO

This is what my school looks like from the parking garage that I park in :D! As the semester winds down, I cannot believe everything that I have made it through this year. Not only with school, but in life! In a few weeks I will not be the President of my association anymore and will be singing up for my first graduate level class. Two things I thought would NEVER come are almost here. I have to say that there is NO WAY that I could have made it with God! He was there every step of the way.....He can be there for you two! <3
I wore this outfit to class the other day...I just love jeans, sweatshirts, and some cool kicks ;)! I am always on the hunt for comfortable sweatshirts so I tagged some of my favorite below....Hope you like! If you are going to wear a sweat shirt you will look slimmer if part of the sweatshirt is more narrow than wide. Sometimes an all over baggy can be great BUT if you are worried about looking big, try to find a sweatshirt with one fitted part. (Baggy middle, fitted sleeves OR Baggy sleeves, and curved middle so that it shows your shape) I know this sounds picky but it really does help. This sweatshirt is slightly curved in around my waist and even thought it is still somewhat baggy it helps to show that I have a figure underneath....Just an observation from years of wearing sweatshirts and taking pictures ;)

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