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Be prepared for picture overload! hahah! I just dowloaded some new picture editing stuff and I just edited so many pictures!!! LOL!!! Sorry!

Top: H&M /// Shorts: GUESS /// Shoes: Forever 21 /// Lips: Clinique /// Necklace: Lauren Joy by Dana Rebecca via Bloomingdales

E and I were going on a date and we just walked around exploring Huntington! The weather was so nice and it was the middle of the day so there wasn't a ton of people everywhere. I had the day off work and took E to see Central Intelligence.....Not my first pick at the movies but I am a sucker for Kevin Hart! I don't think E reads my blog but I guess we will find out after I say it was the dumbest movie I have ever paid to watch!!!! No joke! LOL! But E and I were the only ones in the theatre and we had a blast laughing together.

I have wanted these shoes for MONTHS!!!! I spotted them at the beginning of summer but never had the courage to buy them when finally I mustered up enough strength and they were SOLD OUT!!! I checked Forever 21 everyday, twice a day for about 2 weeks straight until one day my wish came true! MY SIZE came back in stock!!! It was crazy and I felt like it was God telling me I needed these shoes so I grabbed em up real quick. I did panic until they shipped though because I was afraid it was an online mistake. Im so dramatic. lol. These shoes are great because the are comfortable, boho chic, and SO affordable for the quality. The quality of these shoes really is great and I wear them with jeans and dresses as well as jean shorts if I'm feeling spunky!

Platforms are where its at! Go buy a pair of platforms RIGHT NOW because I am telling you they are the rage and more and more places will start to carry them! I have tagged some of my all time faves below! Hope you guys like this post! Again, sorry for the pic overload! I just really liked this outfit! Talk to you soon! Other good places to check: Zara, ZooShoo, Target

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