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Top: Zara /// Shorts: H&M /// Sandals: ZooShoo /// Sunglasses: Quay via Nasty Gal

Eric and I went down by the river to have a picnic. We got a mini blizzard and a blanky and laid by the river in peace....UNTIL the ducks came and stalked us for food! lol They came up from the river and just sat beside us. Probably 20 ducks but luckily I had thought ahead and brought some bread and fed them for a while. There were two baby ducks that were my favorite. E and I played frisbee and hung out the rest of the day and it was so relaxing and just the perfect day! I am soaking up every moment I can before I start school on Wednesday!

I am sure a lot of us are getting ready to start school and new jobs with the summer ending and I have a feeling I will be doing many work wear and workout wear outfits in the near future. :) 

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