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I have had the best Christmas break for the record. Not only because I got engaged to the love of my life but also because I have taken time away from my laptop and really enjoyed family and friend time! That is my advice to all of you if you are feeling overwhelmed! <3 

Romper: Missguided/// Boots: Windsor

If you have been following me you know that I love a good romper and here is another one that is just comfy and to die for. It is so soft and the pieces are separate so I can wear them with different outfits! I also wore this romper with some black tights and over the knee boots the other day and it was a lot warmer :)....
With the start of the new year everyone is talking about their resolutions and goals.... Last year I wanted to set a goal to do 25 man push ups and I am not sure if I accomplished it or not because I haven't tried yet LOL....I can say that I know I can at least do 10 before dying but I am still unsure of 25..... This year my goal is to have more patience and worry less! AKA putting more stock into my relationship with God! Eric and I both want to become closer to Him and to each other!
This year I want to have more fun with fashion :)

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