Jamaican Honeymoon Part 2

So we left off at Monday night. It is now Tuesday morning and this was our day with nothing at all planned! This is actually when we went and scheduled our activities for the week. We got up later than usual and did our ritual of get ready, sunscreen session and then breakfast by the beach :).....The fruit I am holding in the picture is a passionfruit which I had never had before. Oh my are they sour!!!! Passionfruit is the definition of "nature's candy." It was so good I could not stop eating it and the texture is so weird. The seeds are so soft. I also got some mango and watermelon-both amazing.
One of the coolest parts of the resort was the bagel bar....yep. They had many different kinds of bags, cream cheeses, toppings, herbs, meats...to make bagels with. This was herbed cream cheese with smoked salmon and red onion..It was amazing!
I also tried some eggs with spinach and this day they had COCONUT pancakes! You can even see the fresh coconut sticking out of the pancake. They were probably my favorite of the pancake variations.

We got out on the beach at about 9:45 and there was NOBODY out yet! It was crazy! I will post the video on instagram I took because I could not believe how empty it was. But I was not complaining and I am glad we soaked that up while we could because people started showing up about 30 minutes after we sat down. I took the book The Magnolia Story by JoAnna Gaines and E brought Chip Gaines book Capital Gaines. We both sat and read our books for about 20 minutes and then had to stop and talk to each other but we both loved our books very much. I would recommend both!
This morning before we went out to the beach we went to the spa to register for our couples massage and the consultant helping us thought I was a movie star. E tells the story better than me but we sat down at the table and she said "I'm really sorry but are you in movies?" and I said No. She asked again "Are you sure, not just one movie?" and I said no again. lol She kept asking different questions until she finally realized I was not a movie star...LOL. Let's just say I felt like a movie star the whole week. Eric says she asked that because of my outfit I had on with my white hat. He says I looked like Audrey Hepburn....

Eating lunch on the beach was on my honeymoon bucket list. More specifically, eating pizza on the beach was on my bucket list. The resort had a little bar area where they served pizza, salad and sandwiches/wraps made fresh. E got a jerk chicken wrap and I got a veggie pizza with a ceaser salad for us to share. It was amazing. We also ordered drinks a lot this day sitting on the beach. We laughed because you are supposed to tip your waiter a little bit and all we had were $5 bills...Needless to say we made a good friend in our waiter that day LOL. His name or at least what everyone called him was prince George and he came and checked on us all week. He was so nice and not just because of the tip. He was so friendly to everyone.
We did not go off of the resort so it is hard to say what the culture there is truly like but everyone I met from Jamaica really was so nice even when nobody was watching. So many people helped us and talked with us that didn't have to. And answered all of our silly questions like when I asked the waiter  how to eat a certain fruit. You can tell when people are being genuine and all the Jamaicans we met were genuinely happy and kind.

We stayed out on the beach almost all day because we didn't leave for lunch like we did the day before. We ended up coming in a little early and were hungry at this point so we ordered room service again which was SO FUN! Then we took a nap and watched netflix. I actually got Eric started watching Riverdale this day and at first we was unsure but then he got addicted. Soon enough it was 8:00 pm and we had not eaten dinner yet so we got dressed and went to the asian restaurant called Momo.
The first picture is beef wrapped asparagus....one of our favorite things we tried!
We got some edemame and a fried veggie roll as well which was to die for. The presentation was so beautiful. We also got an order of sushi to try which was made fresh to order and was fantastic. They put really big pieces of innards in their sushi.
Eric ordered teriyaki chicken and I got the teriyaki salmon. Both amazing. I have no clue what the complimentary drink was that came but it was so pretty and tasty!

After dinner we walked around the resort and took some pictures at the famous gazebo on the resort. Eric told me before he revealed our honeymoon destination that Ryan Lochte from the olympics got married at our resort. This is where the ceremony was. It was beautiful and you can google his wedding and some pictures will show up. There were multiple weddings while we were there!

Wednesday was when things started to get interesting because this was our busiest day there and we had just come off of 3 full days of nothing but relaxation! lol. We ordered room service because we had a photoshoot that morning with a photographer on the resort then a 30 minute gap before we had to meet for our snorkeling trip. Well....our photoshoot went a little over so we ended up almost being late for our snorkeling trip. Here are some of the photos from our photoshoot. We picked our favorite 10.

After the photoshoot we rushed to the room and changed clothes but the one key thing that was not done during this time was our usual sunscreen ritual. There was not enough time. So we ran to the boat and hopped on just as everyone was getting on. It was a little cramped on the boat ride over and I had a big bag with all of our necessities in it. Of course I had my hat on also. Well little did I know that the whole boat ride out to the ocean I was getting absolutely scorched on my chest. Before we got in the water I had eric put 50 spf on my back. When he was rubbing it in it kind of felt like there wasn't enough on but I didn't say anything because I didn't want to start our marriage off being the picky, naggy wife. So I jumped in the water and we snorkeled away.....

My feet were red from the flippers I had which really cut into my feet bad. My goggles also ripped like a whole chunk of my hair out which was so fun. I also had full makeup on left from the photoshoot. We saw a lot of wildlife when we were snorkeling. Our guide went down and grabbed stuff in the sand and pointed out so many cool things to us! It was a great experience when we weren't getting kicked by little kids or running into someones belly who decided to just chill upright in the middle of the snorkeling journey...

We were starved so we went to lunch and we tried the cutest desserts! They were SO GOOD! Then when we got back to the room we found THIS.....Eric put this on his insta-story. His caption says it all..

I KNEW HE WASN'T PUTTING ENOUGH ON! The one major surprise I learned on our honeymoon was that my husband genuinely does not know how to put sunscreen on. I realized that every bit of sunscreen he wore the whole time and on other vacations was ME putting it on him....LOL! We laid around and watched TV until we got hungry for dinner. Most nights we ate around 8:00 pm lol. This night we went back to Pier 8.
I got sirloin steak with pesto and onion with five cheese truffle mac and cheese and vegetables.
Eric got marlin I believe and it was delicious. We shared the sides. We were getting crazy this night lol. And normally we would leave quite a bit of food on our plates but this night we almost cleared it out so I thought I would show the aftermath from all the pretty food pictures!

This romper did not mesh well with my tan lines but I just went with it. lol. I got so many compliments from strangers that night. We also went to the parisian cafe after and got cupcakes and ice cream to try. I also got an iced latte and it was really good.

At this point in the trip I think we started to get sad that we were halfway thought but we were also exhausted after the day we had rushing around! lol All outfit details linked below :)

Sold out items: Necklace from ALDO, stripe swimsuit from Zara, white tassel earrings from Asos.
Red dress: Red Dress Boutique

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