So this is THE GREATEST SCARF EVER CREATED! I love this so much that I am probably going to wear it after Christmas even though the little sheep have Santa hats on. FUN fact about me: I LOVE sheep. I think they are so cute and fuzzy and all apparel with sheep on it is so adorable. If you watch this video and then don’t like sheep….you might have serious problems... 
If anybody knows of any great sheep apparel that you think I would like, let me know :)
This post is Christmas galore. This is one of my favorite relaxed festive looks and along with some party ideas or if you are just feeling festive. My girlfriends and I had a little Christmas party and these were the spoils..enjoy ;)

Top: Target
Bottoms: Infinite Chic
Silver Bracelet: Chic Nova $10!!!
I am obsessed with this bracelet and it was only $10. It is almost identical to the Stella and Dot bracelet that is much more expensive and it is well made. I highly recommend these bracelets, but, on the other hand, do not every buy these boots. I love the way they look and they were my favorite pair of boots but they are the most uncomfortable shoes I have ever worn. Something about the way they are made makes it impossible for your foot to get any kind of support. Do not buy these :/..looks like I am on the hunt for a new pair...why Michael, why?? :(




Fruit Christmas Tree :)

Don't forget the TRUE meaning of Christmas <3

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