So I have two cats and I love them very much! I would not call myself a cat person and I don't think I will end up as 'the old cat lady,' but I love my babies Kittykoo, and Purty Underwood...

So now that you have met my cats and learned a little more about me I will tell you why there are still some Christmas decorations up on our mantle. I love Christmas so much and everything that comes along with it. Time with family, giving gifts, fun food, parties, Christmas socks, baking, the color red, and the feeling of love...

Well, as a college student with hard classes, it is hard to really enjoy Christmas to the fullest because finals week is almost halfway into the month of December! I never get to do all the things I want to accomplish for myself and other people because I have so little time...

My birthday is the 28th of this month so my one request was that we leave the sparkly cute Christmas decorations up until then...:) so that explains it one long paragraph haha. Enjoy :)  p.s. my mom has been begging me to let her take the decorations down...hahahahahaha...nope..

Top: Forever 21 (sold out but on EBAY, LOVE this, and this, and this lol) 

Bottoms: Zara (sold out)

Shoes: Target (old)

MY FAVORITE Earrings: Chicwish

Bracelets: Chicnova  $10

You can't tell in the pictures and I forgot to get a close up of my earrings but they are a cat and a fish...I love them so much :) 
This verse is something that I always think of because I struggle with wanting the things that I want and not thinking of others but this helps me so much so I had to share it. A friend of mine encouraged me to read Philippians because she was amazed by how clear it was and she was exactly right. I am very thankful for the friends God has given me lately. <3 Just trying to share the love..


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