Sunday essentials

I took these pictures on Sunday and I debated on waiting to post them until the next one but then I thought 'why not?' So this post is to show you my Sunday essentials that I cannot be without  :)

Obviously, the most important being my Bible. There is nothing like reading God's word and learning something new, or seeing something in a new light that I had missed the first time reading a verse. This is also a new Bible that my parents got me for Christmas and in case you did not know already my favorite color is purple.

My phone: To make sure my friends and family are all coming to church :) Phone case: Gift from BFF :)

Lipstick: There is nothing I love more than the perfect lipstick on a Sunday morning. I love these sticks by Revlon, they are amazing and go on very smooth and rich with color. Especially for on-the-go mornings when your running a little late and do not have time for a liner.

Heels: Need I say more.....

What are your Sunday essentials?? Or everyday essentials for that matter?


Heels: Chicnova  (A LOT OF COLORS)

Bracelet: Target

Earrings: Old Navy

Hope everyone is having a good week so far and staying warm :)


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