Tune of the week: Thinking Out Loud --- Zara cut-out

I love how this top can be dressed up or down. I chose with the in between and kind of did both! haha. AND it is on sale right now for $35!! Even though I paid $50 hahah. Oh well, anyways, post is coming soon of some of my favorites from the Zara sale.

top: Zara

Wedges: ALDO
 (so sparkly in person, and the stones are iridescent!)

Earrings: Inspired (local boutique)

Ed Sheeran...words cannot describe my love for this guy. Being a musician myself, I really appreciate how insanely talented he is. About a year ago I got to see Ed Sheeran in Kentucky at a small venue before he went on tour with Taylor Swift and became super famous. After staying 2 hours after the concert in probably single digit weather, Ed came out and met like 15 of us. He looked me right in the eyes. It was an amazing moment! haha..He also signed my phone case. :D

He just came out with his new album and it just has everything. You can dance to some of it and you can cry to some of it. He is just amazing. I strongly suggest getting both of his albums and not just one of them if you are an Ed Sheeran 'newbie.' Hope you like :)

This song could and probably will be played at weddings for years to come! He is a lyrical genius.

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