The key to a great boyfriend jean is trying on as many as you can until you find the style you like. Before "THE BOYFRIEND JEAN" came about, the closest thing we had to them was a straight leg jean. If you find that when you try on boy jeans in the store, they are too slouchy between the legs, look for a nice straight leg jean and just roll up the bottoms. Boy jeans really are straight leg jeans. Look at #8 and #6! The slouch starts at the knee, but they still look very boyfriend. A low waist will also really give you that boy look.

On the other end of the spectrum, some people like 'the slouchier the better.' If this is you, #1, #2, #4, are the girls for you. #4, Julie, from, is THE QUEEN of the boy jean. Personally, I like to have both. I like to have a more fitted type of straight leg boy jean and also the kind of jean that looks like I borrowed them from a boyfriend. ;) 

SUMMING IT UP: Whichever style you go with, go all the way. If you go total boyfriend, don't try to look too fancy. You want your baggy jeans to look effortless. If you go with a slightly more fitted in the hips and between legs jean, you can pretty much pair with them whatever you want and look amazing! :)  

If you are not sure how to wear them?  #1, #3, #4, #5
These looks are so simple and easy. Throw on a slouchy T and some sandals, tennies, or boots.

If you are looking for something spicy? #2, #6
A pair of modern high heels always look good with boy jeans. BUT, I also love a really strappy heel that goes up your ankle a little bit. Those look great too.

If you are looking for something preppy? #7, #8
A belt is always a great way to add some prep to an outfit. Especially with a bold stripe and neutral pallet. This also kind of dresses it up a little bit so that it does not look as slouchy.

If your afraid to loose your figure?
Sometimes not having a girlish figure in boy jeans looks cool but if you do not want to sacrifice that, you can do 2 things I know will help. 1) Go for a darker wash with no washed out spots. This will make you look streamline and ultimately thinner. 2) Go for a tapered boy jean. Find a boy jean with a skinnier ankle so you can keep a girlish silhouette. 

Here are some of my favorite jeans on the market right now! A LOT OF THEM ARE ON SALE THIS WEEKEND FOR MEMORIAL DAY!!!!! I try to always show you reasonably priced things but do not be afraid to splurge a little bit on a well made, well fitted pair of jeans. It is never money wasted.

List of brands/stores to look for: 
American Eagle Outfitters has awesome boy jeans! love these, these, and these!
River Island
MICHAEL Michael Kors
Joe Fresh

#2 is Christine Andrew from HelloFashion and she is wearing the new Target boyfriend jeans. She also has some great tips for distressing your denim to its fullest potential. Check it out here :)

Hope this helps ;)

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