Getting my last few summer posts up before Fall ones start coming on! haha….My man and I were about to go swimming and there was a storm coming on so we were trying to hurry. The picture of me by the pool was one of the last pictures and it started to rain right then! I felt so bad for asking Eric to wait to swim and then it started to rain and I felt so bad….BUT, we ended up having one of the most fun times of my summer!!! Yes, it was storming, but we hurried and ran and jumped in the pool and were screaming and laughing and we swam a few laps (we like to race each other swimming laps haha..I never win) and then hurried and got out like we were about to be struck down by lightning. hahah IT WAS SO FUN! Just like this little jumpsuit. The pattern is so fun! It comes in romper verions, and pants version haha. I have linked them below.

^^^^^^^^^^^ I had a great idea hahah

Swim: VS , sold out
Sandals: VS , sold out
Jumpsuit: Boohoo ON SALE

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