Red High Heels

Well guys, I finally have somewhat of a break from life to do what I love. I have been so busy doing homework and studying that I have had time for nothing. I know I talked about it on Instagram but I tore my hip flexor about a month ago really bad and it is still in extreme pain. The first two weeks, I could not walk without my leg and hip all wrapped up. I looked like the hunchback of notre dame limping around campus lolol…..I am still limping sometimes and I started physical therapy a week ago but so far the muscle is still so weak and damaged. I haven’t been able to wear heel s in almost a month and it is killing me. I had so many good outfits planned but those plans changed when I could barely walk. grr.

About today’s look, I have a funny story about these heels which I am OBSESSED with! They are the most comfortable pair I own! So this was a Friday and my plan was going to work, class, to get my hair done, and then to eat before a high school football game. I work with a lot of older people and you would’ve thought that I walked in wearing fish nets. They didn’t act like the shoes were inappropriate but the fuss they made over them was unreal. I realize they do make a statement but I had people coming out of their offices to come and look at my shoes!!! I was like omg lololol…A stripper type comment was made…..If this tells you anything about where I live…I can understand where they are coming from if I had on a little skirt and a crop top but come on. lol. Then I went on to class where I got a compliment and on to the hair salon at the mall where everyone said they loved them lol. I did not think they were that big of a deal. On to the Mexican restaurant with my boyfriend and you would’ve thought that I came in wearing a red carpet look. It was hilarious to the point that my boyfriend was laughing out loud. The workers moved out of my way when I walked to the bathroom like I was royalty. Girls, if anything, this story just shows you the power of color and a great pair of red high heels ;)….I was kind of embarrassed by the attention that I was getting so I decided to change into boots before the game! It was just hilarious though. I never thought I would get that much of a rise from people out of one pair of red high heels. Has something like this ever happened to you???

Top: Marshall's
Denim: Zara (old)
Heels: Shoe Dazzle (just sold out :((( )
Lips: Revlon Matte collection
Scarf: Macy's
Hat: old

Just for fun hahahahaha!!!! You have to love this song!! lol

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