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v  Hold for 1 minute and then go into child’s pose for 10 seconds. Switch sides. Do as many times as you feel necessary. Don’t forget to breathe ;)

I have been wanting to put this post up for a while but the blog has been under major construction J! I hope you guys like the new layout. A few months ago I pulled my hip flexor muscle very badly and was having a very hard time with not exercising. I could barely walk for a month and then started physical therapy which was also very painful. After 3 hard months of pain I am finally able to workout with no pain. I will never take walking for granted again. I have learned that when I am not able to do something for health reasons I completely fall apart. I had such a hard time walking and I went from exercising 2 hours a day(sometimes more) to no exercise and severe pain. It was so hard for me. Especially because it was right when the Holiday’s hit and my spirits were just down because exercise was my outlet for stress. I really have a new appreciation for anyone who is injured or disabled. This has been my first real injury so I never knew how hard it was mentally. Toward the end of my injury I was able to do a little bit of exercise and these are some exercises that really helped to keep my muscles tight. I know it does not seem like much but I promise you it worked for me so I hope it works for you :)!

v  I like to hold #1 position as long as I can and then move from side to side (#2) 30 times very slow and controlled. Keeping abs tight the entire time. Rest for 10 seconds and start again. 


v  Focusing on lower abs, tighten and move your leg up and down. Do 15 with your toe pointed and then do 15 with your foot flexed. Rest 10 seconds after both legs.


v  Using however much weight you would like, keep your back and neck in line and move up and down. If you have a lighter weight, increase your reps. If you have a heavier weight, do lower reps but more times. 

Top: Forever 21
Tights: Marshalls
Running Shoes: Under Armour (gone) 

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