I LOVE maxi dresses but I also have a hard time with them sometimes! I am always unsure about the length and what shoes to wear. I used to think that the dress needed to be exactly floor length but over the years I have realized that this is impossible unless you are going to wear the same shoes every time. If a dress is floor length with heels, it will be too long with flats. If your not a flats kind of girl then it shouldn't be an issue but I love flats and heels!haha. You can see from the suggestions below that most of the dresses are a few inches off the ground. This is perfectly acceptable and looks great! Sometimes it looks better when you have an awesome pair of kicks ;). The point is that as long as your maxi dress is not too long, its going to look great :) I just thought I would throw that out there because I used to freak out about it! hahah

The style of dress can also make a difference. There is a time and a place for a body conscious maxi dress but a breezy, loose maxi dress is my go to. I love high neck maxi dresses that flow down from the shoulders BUT this is not always flattering. Sometimes it can give a pregnant allusion if it doesn't flow right. SO you can never go wrong with a maxi that cinches in at the waist. This will be very flattering to every body shape :)
I hope you find one below that you love :)




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