Summer Concert Wear

Okay guys, it is summer. To me, summer means it is time to have fun, travel, be care free, go a week without brushing my hair, sleep on the beach, eat ice cream on the weekly, make a meal on fresh fruit, find a new favorite place in town, make memories I will never forget, find amazing deals, spend a lot of time with family, go to concerts, listen to live music, play music, paint my nails crazy colors, cook/bake until my mom tells me to stop, take some amazing photos, and the list goes on and on......haha
My favorite concert venue is the Riverbend in Cincinnati, OH. There is not a bad seat in the whole house. They have big fans on the ceiling and when the sun starts to set, dreams come true! haha. My first concert there was the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, and Train which was a long time ago hahaha but it was a blast. Then, I got to see John Mayer there with my cousin Abbey and we had so much fun. Im pretty sure he did drugs on stage and everyone around us was drunk but we were so young we really didn't know and were totally fan girling the whole time. Seeing Lady A, Hunter Hayes, and SAM HUNT was a dream come true for me. SAM was everything I hoped he would be and Lady A surprised me with their talent and how funny they were.

Anywho, the best thing to wear to a concert is comfy cute. I say that all the time but it is true. Please do me a favor and do not be that girl with the crop top and high waisted shorts on. oh my goodness. Lets be a little original and quite frankly more classy, and move on to better things. hahah. I always struggle with what shoes to wear to a concert. To me, that is the hardest part because you want to be comfortable but you want to look good. I loved my outfit with the pretty lace and sporty tennis shoes. Honestly, this outfit was inspired by SAM. I love his sporty style and I was SOOO comfortable the entire night. Rompers are also a great thing to wear to a concert because you can really dress them up or down. There is always the change of shoes in the purse option also. Here is a list of some tips for summer concert wear that you can never go wrong with. 

1) Sundress - comfortable & can make a big statement
2) Romper - SO cute but may not be the best for a frequent bathroom goer! (don't ask how I know that lol)
3) Spaghetti Straps - Romantic & Shows of your amazing tan you got from the day before at the pool
4) Comfy shoes - tennis, sandals, MAYBE wedges OR take a spare pare of flats ;)
5) Braided, twisted up do - hair down looks great and all, but when it is hot and sweaty the frizz starts to appear and the hairspray loses hold. With long hair, an up-do with a braid or twists is ideal for an outdoor concert. I went with a messy low bun and wavy pieces to frame my face. 

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