July Fruits :)

Here is a list of all the fruits that thrive in July. I challenge you to try one of these recipes and to try a kiwi with the skin on it! According to MyPlate.gov someone age 18+ on a 2,000 calorie diet needs 2 cups of fruit/day. See the tips at the bottom about how to get enough :)..........This is a picture of a "cake" I made for a friends birthday pool party last year. It was delicious! :) Happy Thursday, it is almost Friday! woooooo hooooo!!!

Fruits: Watermelon, Peaches, Strawberries, Cantaloupe, Blueberries, Kiwi, Apricots, Raspberries, Plums

Watermelon is my favorite in this entire group! Great to keep kids hydrated during a long day of swimming or outdoor activities. When I was little, it was my favorite thing to sit outside and cut open a big watermelon, grab a corner, and chow down :) Here is a link to a recipe I want to try sooo bad!
Watermelon and Blue Cheese Salad
We just brought back of basket of fresh Georgia peaches and they were fantastic! I haven't yet but I have wanted to try this Pinterest, Baked Peaches and Cream recipe FOREVER! It is definitely for a special occasion because there is more added sugars and fat than a normal peach. 
For a more fresh and healthy sweet treat try this Grilled Peach recipe. This would be a great dessert if you are you are trying to satisfy a sweet craving without going overboard.  


This is a picture of ONE strawberry that I took a while back! How cool is that??? 
I can sit and eat strawberries until they are gone. We all know how to wash em and chow down but if you ever have any leftover strawberries that might go bad, FREEZE em! Then, add a cup of frozen strawberries, about 3/4 cup banana(to taste), and about 3/4 cup soy milk or regular milk to a bullet or blender and you have strawberry banana ice cream :)! Healthy and delicious :) Feel free to add honey if your banana is not sweet enough but the riper the banana the tastier. You can also add it to the freezer to make it thicken up. IT IS SO GOOD!
I also want to try these popsicles! YUM


Wanna know the best way to eat cantaloupe? Cut it open, make a melon baller and fill a bowl full of cantaloupe balls :). It is also cool to freeze the balls and use them as ice cubes!

This is a picture of me at Blueberry Hill last summer! I am still making blueberry pancakes from the bags I have in the freezer. :) 
1) In pancakes, love this recipe
2) By the handful :) (one serving= 1/2 cup-1 cup)

Kiwis are so beautiful! Eating them plain is my favorite way but I never ate the skin until recently! Did you know that you can wash your kiwi and eat the skin? According to kiwifuit.org eating the skin might triple the amount of fiber intake and preserve the vitamin C on the inside. If you haven't before, try eating the skin :)

I must admit that I have never eaten a fresh apricot but I LOVE dried apricots in my trail mixes. I add 1 cup of dried fruit, 1/2 cup almonds, 1/2 cup walnuts, 1 cup wheat chex. (one serving=3/4 cup)

Raspberries are my favorite berry when they are sweet and sour. I keep frozen ones on hand but fresh ones can get a lot sweeter so while it is July and they are at their peak growth, grab a basket at the store :)

Cut that plum and take a bite! You won't be disappointed! 


1)Most fruits are naturally low in fat, sodium, and Calories, so have fruit in place of high-Calorie desserts.
2)  Is your fresh fruit salad turning brown? Mix in acidic fruits like oranges or pineapple (or lemon juice) to keep fruit looking fresh.
3)  Keep frozen blueberries on hand. They make a great topping at breakfast for hot oatmeal, over yogurt or mixed into pancakes!
4)  Try a new fruit. Fruits vary in vitamins and minerals--mix it up to get the essential nutrients.
5)  Choose 100% fruit juice when drinking juice, but eat whole or cut-up fruit more often.
6)  On long car trips, pack fruit to snack on! Bananas, apples, plums, grapes, and nectarines all travel well!
7) Keep cut-up fruit at eye level in the refrigerator. It will be the first thing you see when you open the door!
8) Dried fruits make a great snack. They are easy to carry and store well. Just remember 1/2 cup dried fruit counts as 1 cup of fruit.
9) Expand your fruit horizons--have you tried papaya, passion fruit, litchi, star fruit, or pomegranate?
10) Focus on Fruit! A diet rich in fruits and vegetables may decrease the risk of many chronic diseases. Keep working towards your fruit goal!

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