Stripey & Charleston Day 1

Floral prints are so big right now you can find them everywhere! I also love a good co-ord. Neon pinks and greens pop against the white background but my favorite part about this look is the sporty sleeves. When you are wearing a really feminine outfit, don't be afraid to add a touch of something sporty. For example, a dress with a ball cap and a bun would be so cute. Don't knock it until you try it ;)


E and I went to Charleston, WV to get his laptop fixed and made a fun day of it! We met my aunt and shopped around at some places I had never been to. She bought me a dress for a cruise I am going on with E's family on the 22nd. (IM SO more later)
We ate at Pies and Pints in the city which was Ben Afflec and Jenn Garner's favorite restaurant. They used to live in Charleston and they still might but since they are getting divorced now I am not sure they will be eating there anytime soon. 
On a more positive note, it was AMAZING. I got a grape and gorgonzola pizza and we also got a chicken gouda pizza that was to die for! Try Pies and Pints if your ever close to one. It will not disappoint. 
Must try: Pizza Skins (appetizer) & Grape n' Gorgonzola Pizza
Then we went for a swim to get some much needed exercise after the day of eating we had! hahaha I am obsessed with this swimsuit!! On the subject of a kick butt one piece I also want to remind you, don't knock it till you try it ;)


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