Kate Spade Dreams

Black and white can be one of the best ways to show off a tan. I got this Kate Spade dress from Marshall's for quite a steal! hahah I mean wow right?? $115 off!!!! I love the racerback cut of the top and the thick neoprene type fabric that makes the skirt stiff and cute. I don't get super tan in the Summer just because I like to TRY to prevent any type of sun damage to my skin. It does happen sometimes but black and white can highlight the tint of color on the skin and make you look darker than you are. I also added my favorite sunscreen products below! For some reason, this dress reminds me of something that Mrs. Jetson would've worn! (You know on the old show The Jetson's) hahaha....I tagged some super cute stuff from below that are also a great steal.

^^^^^^Two pony tails right on top of each other give amazing volume to what looks like one ponytail! These are far apart in this picture because one was falling but get them as close as you can :)! Try it!

Dress: Kate Spade via MARSHALLS; Heels: Sam Edelman

A lot of this stuff sold out sooo quick so I added another bar below of some stuff that is not sold out and a great price!

I love the Clinique city block because it really soaks in to my skin and also has a tint so it covers any redness or blemish better than regular sunscreen would.
Banana boat comfort is great for times when you don't want to feel like you are wearing sunscreen because it soaks in very well. It also does not have a strong sunscreen smell like others can.
I am obsessed with the Hawaiian Tropic shimmer lotion. I love the way it goes on so smooth and gives you a pretty shine while also protecting your skin. I wore it a lot on vacation after I got a base tan from wearing Coppertone 30spf.
The Coppertone sunscreen sticks are great for your face and are very travel friendly!! They also make some for extreme sweat. I also love the copper tone sport spray!!! If I am going to be sweating a lot like when I run/exercise outdoors or play a softball game this is what I will wear. It stays on sooo good just like it says it does and keeps your skin protected.
FYI ---- When your sunscreen goes on it is okay if it is a little white, it is supposed to be this way because it is supposed to soak in to your skin in a few minutes and the white will go away. Don't rub too much off trying to get the lotion to soak in. :)

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