Foil Pineapples

Some of these pictures I took outside of the Georgia Aquarium but some were taken by the lake. It was sooo Hot! Right after this I put my bathing suit on and went for a swim :) 
Prints are so in, especially pineapple print. When I found this jumpsuit I knew I had to have it. I have been wanting something navy and I loved the wide leg and open back of this jumpsuit . I am probably going to find a piece of fabric or some kind of strap to put across the back to make it more secure and less shocking. hahah But overall I love it so much! Wide leg is very in and can be very flattering. This jumpsuit is more of a comfort, busy statement. The key is to show your waist and let the pants flow down from there. Try it ;)

Jumpsuit: TopShop
Sunglasses: Forever 21 (old)
Lips: Clinique chubby stick

Happy Thursday y'all! I am in Florida today at Wet n' Wild --- check Instagram to follow along!
I will be getting on a cruise ship on Sunday with no service or Internet but make sure to check the blog because there will be posts during the week. :)

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