Denim + Vacation 1 - Jackson Lake

So we had a fantastic time on vacation at Jackson Lake in Georgia! Here are a lot of the pictures from the trip below :) I wore this into the city for dinner one night where I had the most amazing salmon of my life! When going to the lake, all you need are bathing suits, sunscreen, lots of denim and a great pair of wedges! 

Romper: Zara
Wedges: old (similar below)

^^^^ This was one of the coolest places I have ever been! It is called No Longer Bound. I should have taken more pictures but here is just a fraction of what was in the store! I want these place settings and this map right now !!!!

^^^^These are my 3 little/big cousins in Georgia that I got to visit! Love them to death.

^^^^Excited to be on the WATER!

^^^^^There was an island of goats.....I LOVE goats and we might have taken a stop by goat island once a day :)

^^^^^Grilled Salmon, Hushpuppies, Sweet Potato Fries, and Cheese Grits! AMAZING!

^^^^I was happy....

^^^^^I turn into a child sometimes

^^^^^^Whale shark

^^^^^^This little penguin was following me!

^^^^^Travel Necessity = Neck Pillow

^^^^Skiing for a few seconds before I fell! hahah

^^^^^I am comfortable in my own skin but I did not used to be. I decided a while back to be the healthiest I can be no matter what it may look like on the outside. Since then I have been able to have more fun in a bathing suit and be more free in general! :)

^^^^ Swimsuit, Trina Turk, here

^^^^^Going to Dinner


^^^^THE BEST ribs I have ever eaten in my entire life!!

^^^^Ice cream on the last night! Tasty, homemade birthday cake ice cream! :)

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