August Fruit and Veggie Challenge Calendar


THIS IS MY GARDEN NOW! Here is a before and after for you guys. I am so happy with it. The tomatoes are growing so high they are almost taller than me and there is a squash plant that is growing absolutely wild!!!!! I got some cucumbers :)!!! Im so excited!

There are SO many good fruits and vegetables at their peak in August! I would say it is the BEST time for many popular produce items! Basil is also at its peak right now. I made the most amazing bruschetta on Monday with fresh basil from my garden. Yuuuuum! 

So instead of doing an overview of all the fruits and vegetables, I found this chart and I am going to do it to the best of my ability! You guys should do this with me! Check out this awesome website. There are videos that go along with it also that explain some of the fruits and veggies.

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