Little lace number

I got this dress like 3 years ago from Nasty Gal and it was kind of buried in the back of my closet! hahah Ive worn it quite a bit this summer with wedges, sandals and flip flops :) Anything lace during the summer, I think, is so pretty! Lace is also flattering because it can hide trouble areas and it comes in so many beautiful colors.........Everybody should have a little lace number in their closet even if it does get shoved in the back and then you find it 3 years later and fall in love all over again! ;)

Lace will be big this fall also so I linked a few of my favorite new lace numbers at the bottom(;

Dress: NastyGal
Sandals: Target
Purse: Target

Family is everything to me. When I am with my family I feel so comfortable and full of life. When I say family I am talking about my blood relatives but I also mean my close friends who are just like a part of my family. Our favorite way to spend time together is normally dinner and a movie or board games and just talking and laughing! Normally there is some ice cream or cupcakes involved also :)

Watching the republican presidential debate last night inspired me to share this verse with you all. I heard a lot of things that I wanted to hear. Christians are being more and more persecuted every day and the thought of that does scare me but I am not afraid. God is my stronghold.

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