Vacation 2: Passport Needed Part 1

Because there are so many I am going to try to put these in chronological order and talk about each group of them :)
We stayed in Florida for a few days before we got on the cruise ship Freedom of the Seas! My boyfriends family is so nice to take me with them like I am a part of the family. I am so thankful and blessed to have met the man of my dreams and his awesome family :)! Here are some pictures and videos from Florida! Some you can find on my Instagram from the link at the top right corner of my blog!

^^^^We stayed at The Hilton Tuscany Resort in Florida for a few days before getting on the ship. It was beautiful and so nice. I would have been fine staying there all week lol. 

^^^^We all had a blast at Wet n' Wild! I was scared at first for some of the rides but it was such a blast! The lines were very long but we danced and laughed while we were in line so it wasn't bad at all :)

^^^^^^^I think we ate dinner at 10:30 that night because we were so busy having fun :)

^^^^^^^ Universal Studios was crazy fun! The lines got longer as the day went on so if you decide to go I recommend going early :) The Hulk ride and the Harry Potter rides were my favorite!!!

^^^^^^^^PHEW I was so tired after 2 full days of jam packed fun! My aunt bought me this Lilly Pulitzer dress to wear this Summer! I was so thankful because it is so colorful and comfortable I wanted to go right to sleep after dinner at Bonefish Grill which was one of the best meals I have ever eaten. All in all, I did not understand how the vacation could get any better. lol

^^^^^Swimsuit from Forever 21
^^^^^^^^^^We got stormed out of Cocoa Beach but had an awesome day relaxing before getting on the boat the next day :)
I am all ready to get on the cruise ship :))!!

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