Fall Denial

Guys, I am in TOTAL denial that summer is going to end 1 week from today.....BUT I love fall wardrobe. Are these pieces above not AMAZING? IM IN LOVE! Although sometimes fall fashion makes me mad because along with fall comes more clothing and more layers. I have a small frame and a short waist so I am always afraid of looking a lot bigger than I really am. What did I do to solve this problem? I try to find staples that cinch in at the waist. I can say it and say it again, accentuating your waist is the most flattering way to show your body through clothing. This red jumpsuit from Zara is to die for. Everything in this post can be found at Zara.com. The top is all new stuff but the bottom is stuff on sale that are straight up STEALS!!!!!!!!!!

I will still be wearing summer clothes into August and September because it is still roasting hot so I am not too sad yet but it is coming! lol Check out Zara and find this awesome stuff! 


Talk to you soon!

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