neon floral & Charleston Day 2

Missguided is still having an amazing sale right now with a lot marked down to $10!! This skirt is still $30 but I know it will go on sale soon also. I got a student discount on it so I was excited :)

Top: Old Navy
Skort: Missguided
Sandals: Missguided 
Lips: MAC


This has been one of my favorite looks of summer. I think because it is very ME. I love t-shirts and I love skorts/rompers and I love neon everything! These shoes are also on super sale right now! All you need is one statement piece to make a statement. Less is more. Pops of color baby. 
It was sooo HOT during this photoshoot but I loved the wall of painted buildings. I have some cute things similar to this that I hope you like! 

^^ Chips and Salsa

^^ White pizza

^^ Ellen's Homemade Ice Cream :)

E and I had such a blast in Charleston again! We ate at the exact same place that we did the time before. Pies and Pints! E got a white pizza and I got the grape and gorgonzola again. hehe.......E is the best. We were 2 of the 6 people in the ice rink that day and I have never had more fun in a span of 2 hours. Funny story: We were about to leave and I wanted to go 3 more laps really fast to end the skating fun. We counted and E started to go out the door and I said "No, one more! That was only 2." So while we are arguing about how many laps we had gone, flying down the rink, I stumble and fall hard! lol. I made it the whole 2 hours without 1 fall or even stumble until the last seconds on the ice.......I ended up with a huge bruise on my knee, hip and elbow. I just had to go one more lap........Needless to say, I won't be ice skating again without my kneepads and elbow pads ;)

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