Vacation 2: Passport Needed Part 2

^^^^^^^^I got stung by a yellow jacket.....I kid you not.....10 minutes after we left Florida! lol It hurt so bad but I cried because I was just so mad that I put my arm down on it lol. This is my "yep, this happened face."

^^^^^^^Proof that I did workout while on a cruise ship! There is a first for everything :)! I was surprised, but there was a lot of people working out which was good to see!

^^^^^^^The sunrise was beautiful

^^^^^^^Room service delivered to the room for breakfast :) 

^^^^^^Private island owned by Royal Caribbean

^^^^^Found the cutest little hermit crabs walking around everywhere!!!! I was in heaven!!

^^^^^My Man and his GoPro :)

We got these flash tattoos at a CVS pharmacy in Florida before getting on the boat and I am obsessed with them!! I didn't get a picture of all of them but definitely a vacation must-have!!!

Shoes: ALDO

^^^^^^^^The outside of the theater stage was beautiful!

Time to go to sleep :)

*****Outfit details linked below
Bathing suit: Mara Hoffman (my fave)

Going on this cruise really was so relaxing and busy at the same time. There is always something to do outside or inside! We had a big group of about 35 people so everyday when it was time to go to the pool, it didn't take us long to clear everybody out of a certain pool spot lol. When you are sitting in the pool you can feel and see the water going back and forth from the boat tipping! I would hardly feel the boat move but when I did it was subtle but cool!!!! It took me about 5 days on the boat to get used to being out in the middle of the ocean on a huge ship. I was just amazed! 
These pictures encompass the first 2 days lol. Yes, there will be a part 3. Hahahah the second day in the boat we were stopped at CocoCay, an island in the Bahamas owned by Royal Caribbean. I had never seen anything like  it before in my life. We walked around and explored as much as we could. I couldn't get enough of the scenery. It was also really fun to get dressed up every night and have a fancy dinner :) 
All in all, you can tell from the pictures that a cruise is a blast of you aren't wanting quiet privacy lol.
Here are some of the things I wore and had on the trip :)

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