Picnic party

I had my eye on this Ginger Fizz romper for a long time! I ended up having to get it altered because the fit was slightly odd but I love it so much after the alterations. The fabric is so stretchy and comfortable that it is perfect for a summer day! Definitely good vacation wear :) ASOS has the best stuff for any special occasion like an event or vacation! Ginger Fizz is also AMAZING!!!! 

Romper: Ginger Fizz (sold out)
Hat: Target
Sandals: Zooshoo (old)

It is no secret to my man that I love Picnic’s! I wanted to have a picnic since the beginning of Summer and I finally got to. This place by the Ohio River is one of my favorite places! There are shady trees, a boat ramp, and a path through the trees down to a private dock. AND did I forget to mention the ducks???? :) As soon as we opened our sandwiches a duck flew all the way up from the river and came walking right towards us. I was kind of freaking out because it was a mean looking duck. He was standing right at the edge of our picnic blanket just making noises and staring at us eating. I felt so obligated to give him my sandwich but E said not to. Well I have the duck the whole bottom piece and he was loving it! lol Then he just sat there beside us the whole rest of the time we were there!!!!!!!!! Then somebody came to feed the ducks and he quickly waddled away….lol

Here are some really cute Ginger Fizz finds :)

Floral Rompers :)
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