2 year anniversary + My first Lilly experience!


Dress: Lilly Pulitzer
Heeled Sandals: J. Crew via Alyson Haley
Bracelet: Target

My aunt got me this amazing dress from a boutique in Charleston this summer right when it came out! She got it for me to wear on my cruise with E's family. I must say this is the first Lilly Pulitzer item I have ever owned and now I understand why everyone is obsessed. This dress did not have to be altered AT ALL! It fit me like a glove and not only that, but the fit is very flattering for every part of the body. It was very expensive and normally I would never be able to afford a dress like this but my Aunt wanted to give me something special for my trip :). I got these J. Crew pink sandals from one of my all time favorite girls Alyson Haley from Sequins&Things from her instagram. Alyson, along with Chrisitne Andrews from Hello Fashion Blog were the first two fashion bloggers I ever discovered.
I started this blog a little over 2 years ago and haven't stopped since! I learned how to do everything I needed to do through countless hours of google searching and youtube video watching. Honestly, there was not that much information on it at the time because fashion blogging was not that big yet. Now you can find a tutorial for everything blog :) No complaints there! I would encourage you to, if you have had a thought of starting a blog, DO IT! While I am always thinking of my readers I do this blog mainly for myself. I love to write down my thoughts on fashion, clothing and style and how to feel confident in the way you look. Fashion is not a priority in the area I live and this is my way of expressing something that I am so passionate about! I would love to just spend 1 year in New York City just to see what would happen :) Clothes really can change the way you feel and look in such a positive way! Style is my inspiration and my style is always changing and evolving. I also like to share verses or Godly words of encouragement that help me get through life day by day, hoping that it will encourage you also! God's love, strength, and patience is what keeps me going every single day. I cannot imagine not sharing that with anyone who might be reading :)
I start my senior year of college today....enough about that.....

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