Vacation 2: Passport Needed Part 3

I want to go on another cruise tomorrow! hahah I think it has been a month ago that I got on the boat and I have missed it since. Maybe one day my friends and I will all get together and go some time! This cheesecake was my favorite dessert I had :)

^^^^^^The island of St. Thomas

^^^^^^^^^^^Magen's Bay

^^^^^^Top: Marysia Swim
Bottoms: Mara Hoffman via Nordstrom Rack

So I ended up getting very sick at Magens Bay and we had to come back to the boat. I felt so bad but we think it was heat exhaustion. Everyone on the boat that I told I got sick thought that I had partied too hard which kept making me so mad because I don't drink alcohol at all!! lol But I got so thirsty and dizzy I could not see. plus a lot more! PHEW! I have never been as sick as that in my life!!!!!!! E's mom and family took such good care of me I was absolutely blown away with thankfulness. E let me sleep for a while and then we ordered room service and watched TV before getting ready for dinner. It was the best evening!!!! 



^^^^^Outfit: ZARA (sold out :(( )


Getting ready to go meet our boat captains for a snorkeling trip! :) Snorkeling is my absolute favorite!

Swimsuit: Trina Turk

^^^^^^^When one is on a French island, one must have french macaroons :) I got a few smaller ones also and they were FANTASTIC!!!

^^^^^^^^^^Cover up/dress: Forever 21

^^^^^^^^Boyfriend tank tops make the best cover-ups! Try it :)

^^^^^^Top: Marysia Swim
Bottoms: Mara Hoffman

^^^^^^Dress: ASOS

This was the fancy night on the boat and E and I had out outfit planned for months! We love getting dressed up together and going out on the town. I like it more than E but he might not admit just how much he likes it ;).....

^^^^^^My new found favorite ice cream flavor. Mint Chocolate Chip

^^^^^^^^Everything on the boat is like a dream! Even lunch. 

Swimsuit: Mara Hoffman

photo courtesy: CR

Well this is the end of vacation #2. I took so many pictures and I could not bare to not share them with you all! Hopefully it helps you decide if you would like to go on a cruise. If you are interested I have many more pictures of the boat and things that might help you decide better so just shoot me an e-mail. 

St. Marteen was my favorite place. I loved the atmosphere and the people were so nice. Also, the island was very big and had beautiful homes! I would like to vacation there for a week one day :) 

Talk to you soon!

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