Top: Old Navy-----Shorts: GUESS-----Shoes: ALDO----Vest: Shop Ruche

Guys, I am going to miss this weather so bad! I refuse to even think about Fall ---> Winter being right around the corner! This was when I went to Nashville to drop my cousin off at her dorm in Nashville! Seriously she has the cutest dorm room in all of Belmont! Feel free to e-mail me about where she got something and I will find out for you! :)

Jean shorts are never the first thing I want to put on in the mornings! I don't know why but denim annoys me when I first wake up. Although, these Guess shorts are seriously fantastic!! They are so comfortable and I sat in them all day long and they barely stretched out which I love. My favorite new find are these sandals from ALDO. Everyone makes comments like "omg idk how you are wearing heels" or "I couldn't wear wedges to this concert, my feet would die.." etc. But what they don't see is that these shoes are so comfortable. There is just a platform. My foot is completely normal like I am standing in a flat sandal. BUT my favorite part is that they elongate your legs because they have height. Don't be afraid to try a platform. 
I would also like to point out something very important that I do when shopping. If you buy shorts that are loose around your thighs, your thighs will look smaller than if you had on skin tight jean shorts. The looseness around your leg will make your legs look thinner and longer. I see so many people in skin tight jeans shorts which is fine if that is what they prefer, but a looser fit around the edge of the shorts is much more flattering :) 

When it comes to Fall, I think shoes can make the biggest statement of all! Especially a great bootie! Here are some of my favorite shoes from ALDO right now.....I am drooling!

First week of school down.....

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