I have never turned down the opportunity for a great t-shirt dress! My favorite part about them is that they can look super chic but are so comfortable. I mean who wants to wear spanx every day? ;) 

Dress: Forever 21///Leggings: Infinite Chic (old)///Booties: Uran Outfitters///Bracelet: Target

This was a few weeks ago and it got so cold that I couldn't go with bare legs. Right now it is about 80 degrees here in Ohio. WOW I am loving this weather! My area is known for having a gloomy, cloudy, straight up depressing, fall and winter so I am holding on to every bit of sunshine that I can :)! I cannot describe the past month or 2 of my life. I am rounding out my Presidency in my student nutrition association and I have learned so much. My senior capstone presentation took place, I have been on trips to Nashville, played a lot of music and studied so hard! Phew, I am happy to be able to write again. I will be posting a September, October events post soon so you can see and hear all about it. It will end with my Halloween costume. lol Who is excited for Star Wars in December???
As usual, I have tagged some stuff below for you :)
Check it out! I also put one of my favorite new songs by Tori Kelly! I am obsessed with her......I want to see her in concert so baddddd.....Off to write a resume and cover letter for my internship to you soon :D

 She wrote this song about her relationship with God as she continues to gain more attention and judgement from the world.....I am learning this on piano right now! Well trying to! lol

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