maxi with tennies

These have all been some great transition pieces from cold weather to warmer weather. I love maxi dresses and especially black ones with something edgy about them. This was such a comfortable outfit to wear all day long. I had a sweater for work because it was chilly inside and then it was warmer outside so I took the sweater off after work. It is not shown here but I also put on some black wedges with this maxi and went on date night with my man :D! If you have a long day ahead of you an outfit like this is perfect because it can be sporty and dressed up... The tennis shoe trend going on right now which I attribute to Gigi Hadid is my FAVE of all time! I love to wear tennies with something that would normally be a little more fancy. It gives it a fun relaxed vibe but it is also girly and sporty which are my two favorites.
I have also decided that I will be sharing my summer by the weekend. So weekend #1 of summer is coming up tomorrow! It was packed full of graduation fun :D 

Dress: Express/// Sweater: Marshall's/// Tennies: Zara (great deal!!!)/// Sunnies: Francesca's

I have taken a small little break from blogging just to clear my mind from using a computer so much like I do during school but I am back and ready, all rejuvenated. ;) I have to be honest, sometimes I do get discouraged about this blog because I don't always look the way I think I will in certain outfits or trends that I want to share. BUT then I remind myself that I was thinking like a crazy person because I love the way I am. This blog is meant to be a fun place I can go to share my passions and not have to worry about looking perfect in every way because nobody is. If you are feeling discouraged about something or you just want to give up, just remind yourself why you started it in the first place and keep your focus on that. AND my last piece of advice (I really shouldn't give advice lol) is to not worry so much! Trust God! 

Have a great week everyone <3

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