BLACK and white

H E L L O 

Top: H&M/// Denim: Missguided///Boots: Zara (old)/// Sweater: H&M
      I am so excited to tell you all that I have graduated college. Woo hoo! I am so excited to have so much more time to enjoy all my hobbies! I have so much more space in my brain for creativity and a lot of blog pictures that have piled up on my computer since my last post.
      I have been wearing this top on repeat! H&M really got it right with this one. I know it is summer but I will be wearing all black a lot. When I go to work I cannot wear summer clothes because it is so cold in the office but lately it has been pretty chilly here in Ohio. Throw some black sandals on or some strappy high heels and you have a summer look for a night on the town! Jeans with rips and holes are all the rage and I have shared some below that are my favorites and for a good price. I got these from Missguided. They fit me really good but are not very stretchy. hahah Eric and I had a day off of work and school and went out to eat and went shopping that day. It was just what we needed to relieve the stress.

Ripped denim -->

Shoes -->

You guys, I have been listening to this song on repeat so you need to listen to it right now! If you don't smile or dance listening to it, you may have a problem ;)! Enjoy :D

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