Summer Weekend #1: Graduation Day!

I was so busy it was hard to take my camera everywhere I was going so below is an Instagram/iPhone round up of the entire weekend! :)

Finals week was pretty rough but I made it through with A's and 1 B! haha Which I was pretty excited about considering the level of senioritis I was experiencing all semester. It was bad. I finished Thursday evening and my family came in that night and I was on cloud 9. Unfortunately I was getting sick at this point because I had absolutely worn myself down to nothing studying, working out, and not sleeping nearly enough. I had a horrible sore throat through the entire graduation experience but I made it through and enjoyed every second :).
The picture of me in the white dress is in my classroom at school. We have a loft area downtown off the main campus. It is so awesome!! I have had this white dress for so long and I love it so much. It doesn't picture very well but is very pretty in person and I thought it would be perfect for the occasion. We had a Dietetics celebration together with out families and teachers. All the girls and I in the picture are who I have went through my undergrad years with. Are they gorgeous or what??? And they are just as amazing as they look! I was so blessed to experience everything I did with all of them. Some of them I will continue school with this Fall which I am very excited about! My teachers gave me some pins to wear on my gown and a picture frame that our picture will go in. We had a blast celebrating with our awesome teachers and just getting to hangout with them. I made a jar for each of my teachers and I filled them with funny nutrition sayings and words of encouragement for when they are feeling stressed they can read them. I didn't get a pic of them but they were pretty darn cute :D! Thank you Hobby Lobby!
The next morning was graduation day. I was not sure what shoes to wear because I knew that I would be walking in front of thousands of people and be standing for a long time so I went with my ALDO platforms that I hardly ever take off because they are so comfy! We had to be there at 8:30 but my friend Meredith and I met up to take some pictures together which we had been wanting to do forever!!! We both took pictures of each other and our men also. It was great :D After graduation my friends and family were all waiting and we talked and took more pictures and it was the best day. E and I walked to the car and we were almost speechless. We couldn't imagine this moment that used to seem so far happening. We were speechless until we got to the parking garage and realized that neither of us had $5 cash to get out of the garage!! lololol. We had to sit and wait on my brother to bring us $5 so we could get out. What a way to leave graduation (still laughing about that).
E and I wanted a small party with our families so we had a cookout at my house following the ceremony. It was a blast! We are both so blessed with amazing families and friends that love us so much we don't deserve it! Saturday night I was worn out and slept very good that night with no homework on the mind. It was fantastic.

I now have a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics ! woo hoo

White dress: Old (Macys)
Black skinny strap heels: Steve Madden "Stecy" Heel

Black high neck top: H&M
Silver Skirt: Express
Platform wedges: ALDO
Bracelet: Alex and Ani

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