New York: Day 2


Day 2 started by sleeping in until about 9:00, taking time getting ready, and then going out and looking for some breakfast. We could not decide where to eat and were walking around found one place (Norma's) that looked really good but they mostly took reservations so we found a Fresh & Co. which was SO good! All of the food had the calorie amounts on it and it tasted so fresh. I got scrambled eggs with some mixed potatoes. They had SOO many options I was so overwhelmed!

^I love the design of this little cafe...I am really drawn to modern lines!

^I saw so many amazing places and architecture. I was walking around with my jaw wide open.   

^The most beautiful flower shop was such a little hole in the wall and when we went inside it was a whole new beautiful flower world.  

^Romper: Fabletics /// Shoes: Nike /// Bra: Vic. Sec.  

^ St. Patricks Cathedral was unreal. I did not take pictures inside because my camera is very loud and I didn't want to be disrespectful but it made me speechless. 

Rockefeller Center 

 From the top of Rockefeller Center

 Top of The Empire State Building!  We walked right from Rockefeller to The Empire State Building and it was really cool to see the different point of view :)

 Grand Central ... like is this real life????? The energy in there was insane and I loved every bit of it. 

Dinner at the Hilton Garden and Inn restaurant! YUM

^Sizzling Bacon ---> This was the best piece of bacon I have ever had! It was unreal. 

^Truffle Mac n Cheese! OMG!

IT WAS 100 DEGREES IN TIMES SQUARE --> Hence the sweaty look

^The Reggae looking guy in the background was making us all laugh so hard we could not stop!! 
Jumpsuit: Express

*See all outfit details below!

I always heard that people in New York are cut throat and not very nice....This was not my experience at all. Every person we asked for help was SO NICE! And there were even people that would see us trying to figure out what subway to take and where to go, and they would ASK US if we needed help!
Saturday was absolutely packed full of outings! The 3 amigos (Eric, his sister Mackenzie, and I) walked around all morning looking at things off the beaten path like this adorable flower shop!!! I mean it was another beautiful world inside that place.

We then met up with E's parents and went into St. Patricks Cathedral (woah) and then to the top of Rockefeller center and then the Empire State Building! E's mom had gotten tickets before we came so it was easy to just show them the label on her phone and get our tickets. There was so much walking this day but it was all so worth it! I was looking for rooftop parties or party venues when I was up so high. I really want to go to a rooftop party in New York one day!!!! :D One other thing I thought was amazing was how big Central Park is! I mean that place is HUGE! We thought we walked through most of the park but then we realized we only got halfway through it the day before!!!

We ate lunch right downtown at a little sandwich place and then took the subway back to the hotel to get ready for WICKED!!! Oh, and I forgot to mention, that while we were waiting on the steps of the cathedral we met a random guy who tried to get us backstage at the show!!!! His friend that works for broadway is normally there all the time but he hurt his back flying the monkeys in the play!!! We almost had backstage passes so that was awesome but the guy we met was so nice and wanted to talk to us forever and help us find great places to eat! (Again, how amazing are New Yorkers?)

We ate at the Hilton restaurant inside the Hotel and it was unreal. There was a piece of stake on the menu "Wagyu" Beef for $245!!! Crazy! I got a slice of bacon and mac and cheese (I know, so healthy, but I was on vaca ;)) The play was so amazing I could not believe the notes I was hearing come from such small people. I also did not expect it to be so funny! I was laughing and crying before it was over. We got souvenir cups and I am drinking OJ out of mine right now! If you are not sure whether to go to a play or not in the city, it is a MUST!!!!!! After the play we walked around time square and had an absolute blast! It was SO HOT though. I mean you could barely breath but I was loving every second of it. Mostly because I was laughing my head off at some crazy Raggae guy dance/sing/scream/look around with crazy eyes!!!! He was yelling and singing and probably on drugs......but anywho, we got some ice cream and people watched until we were so tired we had to walk home.

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