New York: Day 3 & 4 ~

This is the last of the trip to New York. We were there for four days and saw SO MUCH! As you can tell from following along. This was Sunday morning. It started out kind of slow but it picked up quick. We first took a subway to Brooklyn to get some New York bagels at the famous The Bagel Store! (known for the rainbow bagel) The Subway was a blast that morning. We were the only ones in there and were goofing off the whole time.

^I call this my tourist face! lol This is how I felt inside everywhere I went but I had to play it know...NY

^This was right outside of the subway in Brooklyn. The Bagel Store was a few feet in front of us and we couldn't find it for a second because it was a lot smaller than we expected! Once we went inside it was amazing. There were about 5 younger guys working there and music was playing. It was awesome! MUST GO!

^Rainbow bagel with funfetti cream cheese :)

^Cragel with buffalo chicken cream cheese (spicy and delicious)

After this we took the subway to the Brooklyn Bridge :) Very short ride but we didn't want to walk! haha

^There was fruit stands lined up on the bridge and it looked so tasty!

^The architecture was just amazing!

^Almost got ran over by a bike rider but hey, we had to be extreme tourists and get the cheesy pic :)! 

SoHo (pictured below) is not a far walk from the Brooklyn Bridge at all! ~8 minutes!

^It was so quiet here! And there was hardly any people!

After SOHO we went to the Freedom Tower. I can't describe what it felt to be there. This church was about a half a mile away from the tower that fell. Nothing on the church was damaged in the entire event on 9/11. This gave me chills when we read the story. Some of the gravestones were damaged but that is all. It is amazing that the church was not damaged at all and it was used as a post for rescue workers to come and sleep and get refueled physically and mentally.

It broke my heart to see so many names....It also made me angry and question WHY someone would do something like they did!!

We left the Freedom Tower and went to China Town and Little Italy. You know how in movies there are old asian guys playing chess in the park??? Well, it was real!!! I saw so many old asian men playing games on old concrete tables and chairs. It was so cool to see them like they show in movies. I had no idea this was a real depiction of what it is like and it kind of made me laugh!! I wanted to stop and challenge them to a game but we were on a fast


We got ice cream at a famous place called 10 Below in China Town. The line was out of the door almost to the top of the steps and we waited about 45 minutes but no longer than that before we got our ice cream. It was AMAZING!

Little Italy was my place! There was something about Mulberry Street that just made me think I could live there forever!! I just loved it so much! The food and the people everywhere just looked so happy!

^ Walking into another area of SOHO

Here is a little PDA for ya! lol

After we walked through SOHO a little bit we got on a subway and went to catch a ferry to see the Statue of Liberty! It was beautiful!

E and I walked around Time Square that night and had a blast. We went to the M&M store and I got some personalized M&M's for my dad for Father's Day and he LOVED THEM! Also, it was SO EASY! If you are debating about doing it, you should do it because it took less than 5 minutes for me to walk in and leave with M&M's in hand.

It was a Sunday night so we couldn't find anywhere we wanted to eat and we stumbled upon an Irish Pub and went in and sat down and got burgers! haha It was great :)
Then we went to sleep and got up the next day for another full day of travel!

We went shopping all throughout SOHO Monday morning and then went to eat at a restaurant in Little Italy before going to catch our plane home!

IMPORTANT ADVICE! If you are wanting to eat in Little Italy or China Town, look up good places before you go because when you get there, you WILL be overwhelmed if you don't have some kind of idea where you want to go. We just randomly picked a WINNER :)

^I wore my hat in the airport and onto the plane. E was not so enthused about this but the pilot of our plane from Charlotte to Huntington thought it was pretty funny! LOL

Check below pictures for outfit details :)!

As you can see we packed A LOT into 4 days but I would not have had it any other way! I seriously loved every minute of the trip. I wrote things out underneath the pictures as they happened but below I am going to write some things that we learned from the trip. 

FIRST, make a list of all the places you think you might want to go! TRUST ME, DO IT! Get on Pinterest, google popular places, and make a list of the ones you are interested in! 

NEXT, depending on how long your list is, you may need to narrow it down a little based on how long you will be there but you need to look up where each place is on a topical map. Don’t just write down the address. Print off a screen shot of a topical map of NY and you can highlight places on your print out. This will help you SO much. Believe me, I am all about spontaneity but when it comes to NY, if you want to get the FULL experience, do this. You can always decide to opt out of doing something you planned if you think you would rather do something else. So why do you need to print out a topical map you ask?…

THEN, look at where your desired destinations are and the regions they are in. For NY, we found it easier to pick a region and do that half the day and another region the other half of they day. For example, the bagel place was in Brooklyn so we decided to do Brooklyn the first half of one day (Brooklyn Bridge, sights), and SOHO was kind of close to Brooklyn so we did that right after. Also in the same vicinity was Little Italy and China Town so we went there right after :). It would have been hard to try to go to Rockefeller Center (right downtown) and then try to go and see Little Italy and China Town (not hard, but a waste of time). 

FINALLY, look at transportation to the regions you chose and anything near it that you might be able to catch on your way. We found so many things by just walking by them! These are things I learned from going on this trip, but you can apply these to any place you are going :)Hope this helps :)

Let me know if you have any questions! 

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