Independence Day: Striped

I hope everybody has an amazing 4th of July with your family! This holiday means so much to me. I am so proud of the amazing people that have been so brave to make America what it is today. If you ask anyone close to me, they will tell you that I do not like history and it is not at all my strongest subject but the story of Independence Day will always make me proud to be an American! <3

Dress: Target /// Wedges: ALDO

Red, white, and blue, baby! Is there a better color combo? Not only does it represent America but it is so fresh and bold! I wore this for dinner last night and around town with my man. We walked around the city and just didn't know what to do with ourselves. It was great :) 
I will be going to a family picnic on the 4th where I will be wearing something much more picnic worthy but honestly this was so comfortable! At the picnic I will be playing games so I will be going with shorts and a comfy top and bathing suit :)! Im so excited!!! 

My advice for what to wear on the 4th of July is ANYTHING RED WHITE AND BLUE! Be comfortable and have a blast! If you are blessed enough to be tan, wear all white with a red lip for those of us who are not and will not be tan! hahah

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