fall favorites & a comfy thanksgiving

Scarf: H&M (sold out)/// Denim: H&M/// Heels: Steve Madden/// Belt: Target

I absolutely live for the Holidays and all the traditions and styles that come with it! Normally on Thanksgiving I might either dress up and wear something cute or wear pajamas all day long! Growing up I always wore pajamas all day unless we went to a movie or something. I start the morning by watching the parade and my breakfast usually consists of a slice of pumpkin pie (yep). I like to do a face mask and this sounds so weird but I ALWAYS fix my hair in some cool way that I normally don't have time to do. One year I did the bow bun on the top of my head and another year I did the messy bun with a headband and teased volume. I don't know what I will try this year :) 
After this I go to my aunt and uncle's house with my whole family and we have Thanksgiving dinner around 1:00. Then I go to E's house around 3-4 to have dinner with his whole family and then hang there until later when we come back to my house for a movie and games until late. That is usually what we do but it could change who knows!
This year I bought THIS LOUNGE OUTFIT to wear on Thanksgiving and I am excited to be so comfy! I also got it 35% off! I know a lot of people dress up on Thanksgiving so I thought this would be a cute outfit for festivities and I tagged some of my fave stuff below! Check it out!

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