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Outfits like these are what I live for on the weekend! Comfortable and fun! I have heard people say before that it is too hard to look cute and be comfortable but that is SO not true. You have to find those staple pieces that you can wear with everything. For me, staples pieces have been these leggings, sweater, and these new sneaks. The sneaks are my latest purchase and they have been a long time coming. I have had the for about a month now and let me tell you, I have already gotten my money's worth. But if you have staple pieces like these you can have fun with your top and mix it up. On the other hand you could have that staple black t-shirt and mix it up with the leggings or the sneaks. I know some people who have a sneaker addiction and they are starting to rub off on me.

Moral of my story is, you CAN be comfortable and feel cute at the same time! Have fun with your style! ......I cannot count on two hands how many times my family called me "fry boobs" that day but hey, I love fries! lol

I got these leggings and this sweater so long ago but I have linked all of the other items below. I have been craving black leggings lately so there may be some extras for you to look through. I am about to eat breakfast and enjoy this beautiful 70 degree weather we are having in Ohio right now. Have a wonderful weekend!

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