Glitter on my feet

I live for that feeling when you have been looking for something, you find it way on sale, and you leave the store feeling just as good as if you just beat the advanced version of minesweeper with a really fast time. (Just me? lol) Well anyways, this jacket was $56 dollars originally and I got it for $19 and I am so in love with the army green with the leather and zipper detail. Will be wearing this a lot in the future. :) Not to mention the shoes!!!! 

Here are some awesome sequin embellished sneakers for you:

Tennies: Sears IN PINK AND BLACK 2!! RED HERE!!!
Jacket: Forever 21 (sold out)
Rings: ALDO
Hat: Forever 21 (sold out, but similar)
It being March 2nd, I hope everyone is having a good year so far and keeping up with all of their new years goals! It has been hard for me but I haven't stopped yet ;)! Just keep going!

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