lacey days


A day at the pool is so much fun for me! I am at work inside all day 4 out of the five week days so I love to swim whenever I can! Lace cover-ups, kimonos, and cardigans are all the rage right now and I think will continue to be very popular this fall. My favorite part about this new lacey trend is all the different types of lace that I have seen.  Below are a few cool lace pieces that would be great for this summer :)

I love this bathing suit! It fits very well but I have to be honest, the scalloped edges are what sold me on this one! It does not translate well in pictures, but the scallops are very obvious and add a lot of cute detail to the solid color. And the flip flops/sandals, I showed on my Insta already, but seriously, these are to die for. A MUST THIS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Few of my favorites right now:

Cover-up: old
Flip-flops: Victoria's Secret
Earrings: Target
Bracelet: Macy's
Cup: Old Navy
Bag: Old Navy

This song is so true and I think it is always good to be reminded that even on our worst days, God is always there to help us. HE IS ALWAYS IN TOTAL CONTROL! It is an amazing feeling even thinking about that. Next time you feel down, upset, confused, hurt, ANYTHING, run to God becuase he will steady your heart! Enjoy :)

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