Guys, I was just in Nashville for the National Nutrition Conference and it was so cool!(check my Instagram) I learned so much about the Paleo diet for athletes, online grocery shopping, interpreting lab values for athletes, addiction nutrition care, and so many other things that I can't wait to explore when I become registered! Here is a little flow chart of how the next few years of my life will look :)
Graduate college with Bachelor of Science in Dietetics -------> Get accepted and do a 1 year internship -------> Take my RD Exam and hopefully pass -----> Get a job :) 
My dream job would be to move to Nashville or somewhere like that and be a stylist/dietitian for the famous musicians or movie stars :) Any ideas on how I can achieve this dream?? hahah Any suggestions are more than welcome!

Romper: Missguided--Sandals: ALDO

I love, love this romper! It is so comfortable!  
I also love all of the fun patterns that I have been seeing online. On the other hand, there is also a minimalist trend right now that is fantastic! Find some great prints for your fall wardrobe but also find some solid statement pieces that you can wear with anything! I am more drawn to minimalist items but I always end up buying the fun prints because I feel like I will never find them again. This is kind of a bad habit because it not about the print of the outfit, it is about the way it FITS! FIT is everything!(always keep that in mind, but don't be afraid to try a fit that you don't think will look good, you never know :D) I listed some of my favorite patterns and minimals below! :)

Prints on prints :)! Also check out and H& for more cool prints!
Minimals! Some might be selling out soon! Also check out H& 

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