Senior Session: Rain or Shine

I am going to start a new segment of all the photography that I do! This session was about two weeks ago and I have done MANY more before this! I will have several posts within the next few weeks of all of those. So they might not be in chronological order! hahaha

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*All pictures taken with a Cannon Rebel T3i 

Hannah M. and I, a senior at a local high school had a blast during this senior session. The weather looked really 'iffy' that day and we were not sure if we would be able to get the whole session in before dark but we did :)! We started in the yellow field of flowers and that was such a beautiful spot. We saw a spider that was so big and had yellow stripes and I want the image of it out of my head! lol.....I was kind of glad that the clouds were kind of shady because it actually creates very good lighting on a persons face. The sun can be harsh. While that is great sometimes it is also beautiful to have a shaded sky. I laughed so hard at this silly girl I was in tears at one point! I took her down to a construction area that had a pretty field but once we got down there it started to rain! You can't tell in the pictures but by the time we were done, Hannah was almost soaked! lol The rain is what caused the confetti to stick to her face. We did not plan that at all! hahahah And by the time we got out of the construction site we all had about 2 inches of mud stuck to the bottom of our shoes!!!! It was messy but it was a blast :) We finished up right before there was a torrential down pour! I love these pictures so much because they show her turn personality. The horse kisses were so cute and I am so in love with those pictures. She is the ultimate all-american girl! :)

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