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Eric, his sister, Mackenzie, and I went to Charleston for a short trip of food and fun! We were all pretty exhausted from the long week we had but my bridesmaid's dress came in & had to be picked to Charleston we went. It takes about an hour which is why my shirt is so wrinkled....urg.....

Shirt: Forever21//Denim: American Eagle//Heels: Zara

M and I had so much fun being divas for a day! hahahah E had fun being our photographer too....

I swear this shirt is so much cuter when it is ironed! Really one of the best purchases I have made at Forever 21! Grab it up while it is still available :) I am on the hunt for some great jeans right now and I am VERY PICKY with what jeans I buy. They have to fit me perfect, which is not too much to ask. You shouldn't settle until you find the perfect fit because it is out there :) 
For me the perfect fit would be a higher waist (right at bellybutton or just over), and some stretch (I like comfy), and no highlights in the wash on my thighs or butt (I don't like Sometimes highlights can be fun, but generally I don't like them! hahah

Below are some I want to try on...

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